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Nothing is worse than having one of your laundry appliances stop working.

The dryer is something you cannot fix easily on your own. If you have no previous appliance repair experience, make sure to hire a professional instead. This is especially true if you have a gas dryer. Throughout our many years in the business of supplying dryer repair in Fountain Valley CA, we have dealt with numerous Fountain Valley dryer repair clients who had tried fixing their own machines.

The biggest problem our Fountain Valley CA clients seemed to have would be that they would buy certain dryer parts to swap out thinking they were defective, when they really weren’t. Of course, the return policy would run out by the end of the month and the dryer parts would no longer be returnable once they realized it was a different part that was problematic in the first place. Thankfully, we get dryer parts in Fountain Valley CA at dirt cheap rates so you are saving on your dryer repair by coming to us. Then, you have the added bonus of not having to worry about whether your dryer works for longer than a month or two after it gets fixed. We have endless experience providing dryer repair in Fountain Valley CA and know exactly what is needed to fix all types of dryers, including coin-operated models in commercial buildings.

If you are in urgent need of dryer repair services in the Fountain Valley CA region, we are one quick phone call away. After we get the discussion started, we will find the quickest and most affordable way to resolve your appliance problems.

If you are lucky, one of our pre-loaded trucks will contain the part you need to fix your appliance. Either way, we make sure every repair is handled in the quickest amount of time possible and we have no doubt your dryer will be back in perfect working order again in no time.

Helpful tip

If your dishwasher sometimes overflows, it could be because the water inlet valve is dysfunctional. It’s responsible for making sure water only fills the unit for so long before the valve opening gets closed. If there are any problems with the inlet valve, it can cause the unit to fill up too much and inevitably flood out. If you notice water accumulating in the dishwasher when it’s no longer running, or if the unit fills at all when the door is open, then the valve likely needs to get replaced.

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