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The refrigerator typically contributes towards more than a tenth of a homeowner’s monthly power bill.

When you are in need of a refrigerator repair, this statistic can jump much higher. Defective refrigerator parts can cause serious performance issues. Even if your fridge is still, "working," there could be deep-seated problems.

As an example, your refrigerator’s freezer compartment could have ice blockage over the defrost heater that prevents it from defrosting; if you have pets, their fur gets sucked into the coils underneath and can eventually cause poor heat ventilation. Regardless of your need for a refrigerator repair in Fountain Valley CA, we will be able to help. However, it’s important you also consider your need for refrigerator maintenance and servicing over time.

We have seen countless people in Fountain Valley CA end up sending their fridge to the dump years early; if you can’t get more than 10 years out of your new fridge then something is definitely wrong. Of course, hire out a professional refrigerator repair service to satisfy your need for refrigerator repair in Fountain Valley CA but don’t send every little problem their way. Sometimes little performance hiccups that won’t go away are really just worn out refrigerator parts that need swapped for new ones.

Regardless, our Fountain Valley refrigerator repair experts will find a way to get your repair done and save you from having to look for another Fountain Valley CA appliance repair service again. Basically, we make sure every repair gets done right the first time -- which is why we urge you to maintain your appliances properly; not only that, but it could make all the difference in whether your fridge warranty stays intact.

Even better, the loyalty discounts we receive when buying refrigerator parts in Fountain Valley CA make your repair even cheaper!

Helpful tip

Something many fridge owners tend to neglect is changing their water filter every six months. It really is important, as failing to do so will cause contaminants and impurities to be able to pass through the water. Replacing the filter is usually as simple as turning it’s cover and pulling it out, and then loading the new one in. Make sure to keep up to date with this -- it will only run you around $10 to $20 every six months to ensure your refrigerator’s water and ice stays contamination-free.

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